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  • Yamaha Grizzly Radiator/Snorkel Combo Kit


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    If you are ready to have the best grizzly in your group, this kit is for you! N2D's Radiator relocate kit & Snorkel kit come in an all-in-one combo kit!!* This kit will have your Yamaha Grizzly 100% Mud ready. If you are like us, then you love to take your ATV through the mud. If you have ever been mudding then you know nothing ruins a good time like your bike over-heating or drowning out. At N2D we're about delivering & we've designed an innovative, low profile radiator relocate kit & snorkel kit for the Yamaha Grizzly and now we are offering it to the public! Our Radiator Relocate Kit removes the front rack, while relocating the radiator up away from mud & for better cooling. Our Snorkel kit is designed to move your stock air intake ducts and raise them up to allow the ATV to go deeper. All components are made from high quality laser-cut steel and powder-coated for a good looking, durable finish. Kit comes with all brackets and bolts to keep your stock plastics securely mounted & comes with highly detailed instructions to make install very simple.

    Radiator Kit fits models:

    Yamaha Grizzly 550 (2007-2015) Power Steering
    Yamaha Grizzly 550 (2007-2015) Non-Power Steering
    Yamaha Grizzly 700 (2007-2015) Power Steering
    Yamaha Grizzly 700 (2007-2015) Non-Power Steering
    *Kit does not include light bar or brackets and are extra hardware added on the unit shown.
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