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To assure order accuracy, we do not take phone orders and ask that all ordering be done utilizing our online catalog. For all questions regarding ordering, part questions/descriptions, and shipping information, please email us your inquiry. All emails are typically answered within 24-48 hours (not including weekends and holidays). Please send all email inquiries to:

Here are a list of frequently asked questions. Please scan through them as the answer to your question may already be addressed below.

Q-"Do you plan to build/sell a snorkel kit for ________ model ATV/UTV in the near future?"

We manufacture snorkel kits for the models listed on our website & absolutely no others. We will add new snorkel kits to our website as they are built and available. We keep our customer base up to date on product releases via our social media platforms. If you do not see the snorkel kit you are looking for we do not build/sell it and have no plans to in the near future.

Q-"Does the Snorkel kit/Radiator Relocate kit you sell on your website fit ________ model ATV?"

On every product page there is a list of models the product will fit. If the ATV/UTV you are seeking the product for is not listed then it DOES NOT fit that bike. (EXAMPLE: Our Snorkel kit for a 2007-2015 Yamaha Grizzly 550/700 ONLY fits those models and WOULD NOT fit a Yamaha Grizzly 660)

Q-"Do you make a snorkel kit for _________ model four wheeler?"

We manufacture and ship the snorkel kits that are listed on our website and absolutely no others. If you have browsed our website and don't see a snorkel kit for your bike, we do not make one.

Q-"The Snorkel kit you guys sell for ________ model 4 wheeler sticks up in the middle, do you make one that comes up on the sides?"

We manufacture and ship the snorkel kits that are listed on our website and no others. If you are looking for a Snorkel Kit but do not like the configuration of ours, we do not make one unless it is listed on our website.

Q-"I placed my order and received a confirmation e-mail, but it does not contain my tracking number."

Upon placing your order you will receive an automated e-mail from our system letting you know your order has been accepted and is being processed. Our system will send another e-mail upon your order shipping that will contain the tracking number.

Q-"I haven't received the shipment confirmation e-mail containing my tracking number."

First, check your spam folder as it may have been logged as spam. If you have still not received the shipping e-mail, please make sure adequate processing time has been allowed before contacting us regarding your orders shipment. Please read our terms & conditions page for reference of processing & shipping time.

Q-"I received the e-mail containing my tracking number, but when I track my package it says 'error or cannot be found'."

There are generally 2 reasons for this error. Our system sends an automated e-mail when the shipping label is created. The first reason you will get this error is if you attempt to track the package before it is picked up by the carrier and scanned into their system. Packages are typically picked up and scanned in the same day or the following morning. The second reason for this error is tracking the package via the wrong carrier. We ship packages via USPS & UPS so if the tracking number was not found on one system, be sure and check the other carrier.

Q-"I payed for shipping so my package would arrive faster."

We offer free shipping on all orders inside the continental US. Deciding to pay for shipping upon checkout will ONLY speed up the shipping process of your order if you choose & pay for an expedited shipping option (UPS 2-day, UPS Next day, USPS 2-day priority, etc.) Paying for shipping cost will not speed up the processing and packaging aspect of your order and you should reference our terms & conditions page for shipping information.

If you have read through the frequently asked questions above and still need assistance, please send e-mails to

Is this about an order? If so, please include your full name and email address, or your order number. Otherwise it would be very hard for us to look up your order.