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  • Grizzly 550/700 Snorkel Kit (2007-2015)


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    The Snorkel kit featured on the N2D Grizzly is now available for purchase! The N2D Snorkel Kit is designed to raise your air intakes and belt breathers so you can go deep! Unlike other kits on the market, our snorkel kit allows the big bore motor the required air intake to not compromise power.

    - Dual 1-1/2" Air intakes for maximum airflow
    - All fittings are Schedule 40 & can handle abuse
    - Highly detailed instructions to make installation easy & simple

    This kit fits the 2007-2015 Grizzly 550 & 700, power steering & non power steering models. Our kit is designed to snorkel your Grizzly while still allowing room for a radiator relocate kit, Atv speaker system, & LED light bar. Our kit has NO parts or tubing running under the fenders so there will be no issues with lift kits or oversized aggressive mud tires. This kit is being ran on the N2D grizzly with 29.5 Terminator tires.

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